Pet Containment and Fence Repair Services

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle Tennessee

Free Estimates On Dog Fence Cost

Need an idea of what an out-of-sight dog fence would cost? Contact us online or call (615) 415-3803. In order to make an informed decision about your pet's wellbeing, we will provide a free estimate. We will meet with you and your pet, walk around your property, get an idea of what you have and how best to install your fence. This will also give us a chance to show and explain how our system works and why it is best for you and your pets.

I Install & Repair ALL Brands of Pet Fence

If you are moving into the area and already own a pet containment system or you purchased a “do it yourself” fence at a store, I can install your equipment. I can do a complete fencing installation, or as much as you'd like me to do, up to and including using our best 14 gauge solid copper wire and setting up our boundary training flags.

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle TennesseeMalfunctioning Equipment and Wire Breaks

If your underground wire is broken, I can find it and repair it. If you are having problems with your equipment, in most cases I can get your equipment back in service. In those cases where I cannot get you back in service, I can identify which piece of equipment is the problem, provided your receiver has a good battery or charge in it. (Note: I am only authorized to do warranty work on Dog Guard® systems.)

Dog Guard’s “Trade Up” Program

Dog Guard® dealers nationwide (including Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard®) often get fence repair calls from pet owners who want us to install or repair other containment systems and underground electronic dog fences. Unfortunately, just getting a competitors system to work does not mean it is up to performance and doing the best job of containing your pets on your property! At times like this, we offer a trade-in - or “Trade Up” - and replace competitor’s transmitters and receivers with superior Dog Guard equipment, and/or replace our competitors inferior signal wire with our premium Dog Guard heavy 14 gauge solid copper wire with an extra thick casing designed for direct burial and much more resistant to moisture and other seasonal changes. But if you have a functional wire in the ground that is working properly, there is no need to install new wire ... We simply hook our equipment to your wire and you are good to go.

So whether you need your underground electronic fence system installed or repaired, contact us or call Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard at (615) 415-3803 for a free consultation to solve YOUR dog fence and pet containment problems for good!