How a Dog Guard® Out-of-Sight Fencing System Works

After your signal wire is buried to define the area(s) of containment (indicated in white), boundary flags are set up within the perimeter of the signal wire. During the early days of training, you walk your leashed dog around the inside perimeter of your pet containment area, and verbal commands are used to train your pet to avoid the boundary flags. After your system is activated, when your pet enters the reminder zone 3 to 6 feet from the signal wire, they receive your choice of an audio signal or a mild but annoying correction stimulus, warning that they are approaching the boundary. If they enter the red correction zone, they receive a stronger correction stimulus. (Note that BOTH correction stimuli can be easily re-configured to strength levels of 1 to 32 by the pet owner.)

DOG GUARD® Out-of-Sight Fencing® System Layouts

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle Tennessee

Basic Perimeter System

Our Basic System is illustrated by the light blue “signal field” above, just within the “property boundary”. By adding one or more additional loops within your perimeter containment, you can protect other areas within your property, such as a garden, pond, pool, etc.

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle Tennessee

Pinch Offs

Slightly more restrictive than a Basic Perimeter System, Pinch Offs create 2 separate zones by utilizing existing natural barriers to allow you to keep your pet safely contained in either of the 2 zones.

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle Tennessee

Double Loop

Covers 1, 2, or 3 sides of your property when an existing fence or barrier is already in place. Also doubles the width of the "containment zone" from 6' to as much as 12', thereby doubling effectiveness for hard-to-train pets. Ideal for Condos or Duplexes.

90-Day Pet Containment Guarantee

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle TennesseeWith “Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard” you get a 90-day pet containment guarantee; if you are not satisfied with how your pets are contained, you get your money back! All of It!

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard is so confident that your dog or cat will be safely contained on your yard property that Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard will give you a 90-day pet containment guarantee. If your dog or cat cannot be sucessfully contained by your Dog Guard wireless, underground electronic dog fence, then Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard will refund the full purchase price of your pet containment system.

Note the phrase “refund the full purchase price.” Unlike most other underground dog fence companies which only refund full price LESS “installation” or some other fee. (If the receivers are damaged, most commonly by dog chews, a re-casing fee may be charged)

We simply ask you to work with our professional trainers and follow the training protocol they provide. Dog Guard® has spent many years innovating and improving both our equipment and training methods. The training protocol used at Clear Boundaries is designed to eliminate all stress or fear on the part of your pet. This helps prevent your pets from becoming “porch sitters”, which happens when a pet becomes scared in their own yard. This may not happen often, and Dog Guard's unique training methods are why it doesn’t.

A Quality Pet Fence Made in America

Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard® Out of Sight Fencing | Middle TennesseeWe are living in a time when a lot of manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and all of our primary competitors have followed this unfortunate trend. Being "Made in America" is only a good thing if the quality is better than that of the competition. Yet makers of the fencing systems made overseas only offer a 1-year or 2-year warranty while offering an extended warranty at additional cost.

Dog Guard® holds their products to such high-quality standards that they offer only ONE warranty: a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. The warranty covers both workmanship and materials, along with lightning strikes, provided you have a Dog Guard® Surge Protector to protect your system.

Coded Equipment

Our transmitter and the corresponding receiver in the training collar only communicate with each other. This results in superior accuracy without false activations or deactivations that most of the other major brands of pet containment experience. This means your dogs can wear their collars in the house or anywhere else on your property, and you don't have to worry about a stray electronic signal compromising your pet's safety.

Much Heavier Wire

We use a heavy 14 gauge solid copper wire with an extra thick casing that is designed for direct burial. With other brands of underground electronic pet fences you can have 2 or 3 upgrades before you get to 14 gauge wire, with still another upgrade for solid copper! The smaller wire offers an adequate antenna, and not the durability to stand up to a harsh environment or extreme moisture, freezing conditions, growing tree roots or moles looking for food. At Clear Boundaries with Dog Guard, our goal is to only install equipment that will last for decades.

Dog Training in 12 to 15 Days (Average)

We have a very thorough and friendly training program, which prevents anxiety and “porch sitter” syndrome caused by fear of the yard, often from accelerated training procedures. When most major pet containment companies install a high number of fences, they end up shortening or accelerating the training process to keep up with the volume. Not at Clear Boundaries! We are very particular when it comes to our dog training procedures, and we make every effort to ensure an accurate yet friendly training schedule. This means your dog will be safe and happy and this means our pet owners are happier too!

Correction Level Adjustments

Our T-4 transmitter allows our customers to decrease or increase both correction signals as needed. This allows us to offer a simple, no-cost phone consultation to instruct you on how to reconfigure the correction signals if and when a change is needed. A few examples of this might be a new dog, a dog that has more than doubled in size, or maybe a change in the system layout, etc. The other major brands have set up the equipment so that they are the only ones who can make the adjustments and will charge you accordingly. We are always available within 24 hours of your call should you feel you need us to return to your home, but 90% of the time our customers can make the changes themselves after a simple phone call! Again, this means you save money by avoiding unnecessary service or maintenance calls.

Find out for yourself why Dog Guard Out-of-Sight Fencing Systems are a superior containment solution for less!

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